Here “DISTANCE” is natural, you listen and caress the peace, nature is at home and you ea surely you will not want to “stay home”!


Located 40 km from Suceava and just 4 km from Humor Monastery, objective historical monuments included in Suceava and that, the already famous Monasteries in Bucovina, near an old water mill , in the foothills and surrounded by water in the place known as Piriu’Morii.

Facilities and services

16 places of accommodation in conditions that satisfy the most exigent tastes with the following facilities:
LCD TV, refrigerator, private bathroom with shower or bathtub, balcony, hot water nonstop, wireless internet within the location, full orange signal;

Green May at PIRIU MORII

Customer feedback

Mill brook, a breath of heaven

Panorama guesthouse is lovely: a beautiful building, covered with exterior stone, wooden gazebos, patios, playgrounds for children, all integrated into a fairytale landscape with woods, meadows, river and a complete quietness. You hear only the bells are grazing animals and the murmur of the brook.

Pure nature and relaxation

The lodge is situated on the bank of the river with the same name and at the foot of the forest. Neighbors sometimes it is just birds and cows grazing nearby. Forest is just a few meters from the building, and the courtyard is designed so that everyone relax liking. In the courtyard there is a terrace where you can dine, an open patio equipped with a barbecue, a closed patio where the cold can spend days or evenings by the fireside with your friends

10 beautiful cottages with a tub, only good for a relaxing weekend, rates from 76 lei / person per night!
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